Imino believes that the principles of privacy and user information are very important and sensitive. This document describes the principles of confidentiality and privacy of user’s information.

Contents of this document

This document includes an explanation of the private information that Imino collects from users of the site and application, as well as how Imino uses it. This information includes items that are specific to each user and can be uniquely identified by Imino users. For example, children’s names, phone numbers and other information that are not normally available to the public can be mentioned.

This document does not deal with cases that are not in Imino’s possession and which Imino has no control over. Among these are Imino customer service companies and third parties who are not employed by Imino, as well as information recorded in whois user domain names.

Information collected and how they are used

By registering and sending the mobile number on the Imino application and website, your private information such as children’s names or contact numbers and … You give it to Imino.

After logging in to the Imino app, you are not an unknown user and information about your use of the Imino services is kept.

Imino keeps the list of apps installed on your phone to manage your children’s use of different applications.

Imino automatically collects and maintains information such as your IP, information about Imino cookies and the pages you visit after you log in to the Imino application.

Imino uses this information for some purposes such as upgrading Imino services, providing appropriate content, advertising programs, etc.

Imino does not rent, sell or share your information except in the following cases:

In the event of an Imino merger in another company. In this case, you will be notified before sharing your information and will be asked for your opinion on whether to continue using the Imino services or to exit completely.

In case you violate the Terms, Conditions and Conditions of the Services and if there is a private complainant regarding your performance, your information will be shared with the legal authorities.

If the judicial authorities ask Imino for any reason, this information will be provided to him.

Imino may store cookies on your phone and computer and use it on your subsequent visits to the Imino application and website.

Edit and change personal information

You can change your registered information on the Imino application and website. This information includes all information that you entered into the Imino app when you joined imino, unless it has an identity criterion for imino functionality, such as a mobile number.

Restrictions on access to information

Imino restricts employees’ access to your information and only employees who directly need to contact you to provide Imino services or perform their duties in this regard have access to this information.

We hope that we can guarantee you that your personal information will be used under the highest security standards. Imino will try to go all reasonable ways to keep you safe from any information he has. Your personal information is also stored on secure networks, but unfortunately, despite the above technology and security devices, the safety of any data transmitted over the Internet cannot be guaranteed by 100%. Therefore, we cannot conclusively ensure that the information you send to us will be safe during the transmission in any circumstances, and in addition, we cannot assume responsibility for the events arising out of illegal access to your personal information. (as with ISPs’ access to information sent from your computer or phone) Imino will not be liable for the consequences of illegal access by a third party or group to your personal information.

Linked Sites

Thess site and application may be linked to other websites and applications. The sites and application listed are not under Imino’s supervision and Imino is not responsible for them. You should note that the personal information you send to linked sites and applications will not be monitored by the Imino Privacy Policy and we strongly recommend that you notify the Privacy System and their security policies.

Questions & Suggestions

If you have questions or suggestions about these policies to change and improve them, use the contact form to share it with the Imino team.